Something very strange happens every day when you travel home. Every few seconds, you are faced with a potentially life-altering opportunities, yet you move on without even being aware that these decisions exist. Every time you approach a street intersection or a side street, you are presented with a choice. Each road could open up new adventures or broaden your vision of the world. By driving straight ahead, you choose to sacrifice a world of unknown delights. You leave behind so much in your desire to reach your destination.

It is all about the destination. As you travel home, your one desire is to get home as quickly as you can. You travel with your eyes blinded to the options because your one desire is to reach your destination as efficiently as possible. Over years, you have worked out the shortest possible route, and you follow this path with unwavering discipline because you know what you want.

There is a very simple rule of life: our decisions are determined by our destination. When presented with a range of opportunities, we decide what is ‘good’ according to whether it will bring us to our chosen destination.If your perceived destination is ‘pleasure’, you will naturally make decisions that will bring pleasure no matter what the cost. Whereas if your destination is the happiness of others, you will naturally make decisions that are self-sacrificing.

If you spend a lot of time fighting with temptation, perhaps you should reflect on what you are really wanting in life. In our minds we know that a virtuous life is the correct option, but deep within our heart we are desiring something else. We will inevitably make our decisions based on where our heart wants to go, so we need to be aware of what is going on deep within us. Perhaps this is why the first thing that Jesus says in John’s Gospel is “What are you looking for?” (Jn 1:38)