1 Pt 2:2-5.9-12 When we notice selfishness arising within our hearts and souls it is time to get concerned. Selfishness is the direct opposite of everything the Gospel stands for; selfishness indicates a heart that is turned in on itself and not even open to the graces God is offering us. We have to be ready to embrace the full life of a disciple and not keep thinking that God is going to do it all for us in some sort of fairy tale sort of story. No, to be a disciple of Jesus and to lay down one’s life for the Gospel is going to require a lot of hard work.

Jesus, I am not afraid of hard work. It is life-giving to the soul. Especially as I know that you are at my side and will provide all I need to accomplish the task at hand.

Mk 10:46-52 I really like that word ‘immediately.’ It says a lot to me. When Jesus speaks a word of healing here to Bartimaeus he is immediately healed. God’s word is all-powerful and it is portrayed as such particularly in the Gospel of Mark. Perhaps it would be an interesting task to read through the Gospel and count the number of times and note the situations where Mark uses this word. You can use a computer o=r concordance for this if you like, but think of the greater benefits to be gained by reading through the whole Gospel yourself before resorting to these tools!

Holy Spirit, guide my heart as I read the scriptures so that I will not miss the salient points that God wants to teach me through the various texts I am reading at the moment.