Jesus tells us quite specifically that He does not want us to disassociate ourselves from the world completely. He needs us to be His eyes and ears, His mouth and hands and feet. Without us the Gospel will not be taken to the ends of the earth. Jesus tells His Father not to remove us from the world and all of its temptations but to protect us as we go about the business of the Gospel.

One of the primary ways that we can protect ourselves from the lures of the world is to be sure that we remain committed to the truth. Jesus specifically asks His Father to consecrate us in the truth in order that we will be able to know what is His will and what is a part of the plan of the enemy of humanity, Satan. This is so important as we live in a time and age when the subtle lies of the enemy are seeking to gain the allegiance of our hearts and minds through the revival of old heresies in the philosophies of the New Age.

We need to carefully discern and test the many techniques of prayer and various thrusts of spirituality on offer today against the truth of the Gospel. If they are lacking the Gospel truths then we should keep well away from them, as they cannot help us on the path of salvation. They will merely become distractions that lead us astray while at the same time seeming to be good.

One of the simplest tests to apply is that of being Christ centered. If a technique or spirituality relativizes or shifts it focus from Christ to something or someone else, then it cannot be Christian! Many of the various self-help groups purport to be Christian and are not. They claim to help you to realize your inner potential but this is done devoid of the Gospel call to repentance and conversion. It may feel good to be a part of these New Age movements, but they will certainly not help us attain salvation. Let us pray for the wisdom to be able to recognize that which is from God and to reject that which is not.

Have I allowed myself to get involved in movements or groups that are not Christian in their focus? Am I aware of the danger that they can pose to my faith? How can I refocus my life upon Jesus and the Gospel?

Jesus, you are the ONLY way to the Father. No one can come to the Father except through you! Help me to remember this and so to choose only those spiritual movements that are based in a true interpretation of the Gospels.