2 Cor 3: 15 – 4: 1. 3-6 St Anthony of Padua is the Patron Saint of lost items. He came to have this designation after praying hard for a psalter he was using (and had been taken by another monk) to be returned. It was! More importantly he was a very eloquent preacher. He was even able to convince animals to do what he told them to do in order that they would give praise and honor to God.


Jesus, you raise up remarkable men and women in every age to be witnesses of holiness to the world. Help me to follow you as best I can.


Mt 5: 20-26 The Example of our lives is the greatest preaching that we can give. Nothing is able to refute the witness of authentic discipleship. This is why we say that a picture speaks a thousand words; maybe we can also say that a lived example speaks far many more words than that! Let us seek to imitate the holiness of Anthony by living our faith obediently and humbly.


Jesus, grant me the grace of true humility so that I will acknowledge you as the source of my holiness and thus direct all whom I know to your mercy and love.