Lk 6:12-19


Sometimes I wonder how I would have gone as one of the apostles. I wonder, given the circumstances of actually meeting Jesus in the flesh, whether or not I would have had the courage to follow him in the first place, let alone becoming a martyr for my faith after he had ascended into heaven. These wonderings may be a bit of a waste of time but they have led me to a deeper response to Jesus in that I have come to be convinced that unless we make a radical choice for God and act upon it, we will get caught up in the midst of the world and all of its values and agendas and become insipid or virtually useless as a witness to the Gospel! This may sound a bit of a harsh call to you, but I still think it is true nonetheless. Let me try to explain myself.


In reflecting upon the lives of the saints I have come to realize that they lived radical lives. Yes, they were ordinary people like you and me, but they made choices that led to their living lives quite out of the ordinary! What made them do this? Was it fame and fortunes? No! Was it for their own pleasure and enjoyment? Hardly! Was it out of some sort of compulsion and inability to control their lives? Not in the least! It was their love for God that led them to do extraordinary things and to live extraordinary lives. Yes, the grace of God played a major role in all of this, but only because they chose to allow themselves to be consumed by it and surrendered everything, to the best of their ability, to the will of God.


It is the saints that we have to look to for the example of how to live our lives. In truth, it is they who live normal lives as it is they who have taken seriously the call to be obedient to God’s will and not allow themselves to get caught up in the lies and falseness of the world. What does it mean to live a fully human life? Look at the saints and there is your answer!


How closely does my life mirror the example of the saints? What can I do to bring it closer to this reality?


Holy Spirit, without your help my goal is unattainable. I will never be able to achieve holiness on my own. Help me to surrender my life to the will of God like the saints who have gone before me.