The processes we see go on in Thomas’ life produces the result of faith. Fortunately we do not all make the same demands as Thomas before submitting ourselves to faith in Jesus Christ, however much we would like to do so! Jesus scolds Thomas to a degree but I have every sympathy for Thomas as the situation he finds himself in is one ripe for a practical joke. He was absent when Jesus appeared to the apostles the first time and there have obviously been no prior indications to Thomas or the rest of the apostles that Jesus has risen from the dead. I think I would have been just as unbelieving as Thomas!


Yet, to Thomas’ credit, when Jesus appears to him he readily admits he was wrong and recognizes that Jesus is truly Lord of all now that he has risen form the dead and physically demonstrated that neither death nor sin have any hold over him. Thomas becomes the first to recognize this among the apostles!


The challenge that faces us in today’s secular world is the practical implementation of the lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives. What does it mean to us on a daily level that Jesus is Lord? Each of us has to answer this question for ourselves and then live the truth of it on a daily basis – bringing our faith to bear on every aspect of our lives. This is a constant challenge to us and one that we neglect at the risk of our own salvation! It is becoming increasingly difficult to apply the Christian Gospel in the secular realm as there are now many opponents of religion as they think humanity is capable of solving the world’s problems on its own. This is not true and it is up to us as Christians to demonstrate that our faith in Christ is integral to the solution of the world’s problems.


Let us seek to apply the Gospel as best as we can, as often as we can and as effectively as we can so as to bring the truths and principles of the Gospel to the fore in today’s world.


What can I do to better represent Gospel truths in the way I live my life? How can I be a more effective witness to the Gospel?


Jesus, you call me to be your disciple. Help me to know and then implement what this means in the way I respond to the principles of my faith in you.