Some of the new fascinations of life with young people through the late 1980’s until now can be seen in their fascination with extreme sports. It seems that the danger of some of these sports is a part of the challenge. Overcoming our fears is also a way to create an adrenalin rush that makes us feel good. I would like to add another ‘sport’, well it is not really a ‘sport’ as such, to the list – Christianity!

The greatest challenge and the greatest adrenalin rushes I have ever had in my life all have to do with my decision to follow Jesus in a wholehearted manner. Extreme sports are something that people can indulge in, and that is all that it is, an indulgence, for a limited period of their lives. Most of these extreme sports are only for young people. Well, Christianity is 24-7, 365 days a year for the rest of your life experience! There is nothing greater than this! Anyone can partake in it and all ages can find something they can do to further the work of the Kingdom of God whether you are young or old, able bodied or not.

Jesus lived the most extreme life of any person ever and the basis of His extreme sport was love. As such, all that He did in His life was for the benefit of others! Extreme sports today are usually only for self-indulgence and rarely benefit others. I believe that to live a fully Christian life today means engaging in choices that are extreme simply because active Christians are fast becoming the minority in our Churches. What will stop this steady decay?  Only a proactive move on the part of those who are willing to take up the marathon that the call of the Gospel is, and run the race to the finish.

Jesus’ call for us to be His disciples is about the most radical call that is on offer in the world today. I am just not sure if many people have opened their ears to hear it! Perhaps the first step we need to take is to do what we can to draw others into this extreme lifestyle by witnessing to them regarding the great excitement and joy that is available to those who give their lives in the service of the Kingdom of God. Christianity is the only ‘extreme sport’ available to all and its benefits are eternal, life forever with God in heaven.

Have I ever considered Christianity as an extreme sport? Why not give this idea a go in my life? Maybe it will inspire me to bigger and better things for God.

Lord Jesus, you were an extreme person in the way that you loved without limit. Help me to overcome my fears of being your disciple and thus be able to be an athlete with you in the marathon that ends with the gift of eternal life.