2Sam 5:1-3 The concept of anointing is so important to the proper understanding of both the Jewish and Christian faiths, For somebody to be anointed by God means that they have been given a very special task to perform in His plan. This is not a common occurrence. The Lord’s anointed ones should always be respected for as far as we are concerned, once God anoints them, we cannot remove the anointing. For an example of this level of respect we only need to recall the story of David and Saul where David refuses to physically harm Saul (even though Saul was seeking to kill him) precisely because Saul was the anointed one of God in David’s eyes.

Jesus, teach me to always have respect for your anointing no matter whom you choose to give it. Let me respect them as your chosen spokesmen to your people.

Col 1:12-20 Jesus is THE ANOINTED ONE! This early Christological formula expresses something of the Early Church’s understanding of the nature of Christ. The title, “Christ” literally means, “The Anointed One.” Christ is the anointed one of God sent to bring salvation to the earth. In doing this, all of creation is subject to His rule of love; His love whose culminating expression is Christ’s death and resurrection

Jesus, you are the anointed one of the Father. He gave you a mission and an anointing to go with it. You were faithful to your anointing. Help me to be faithful to the anointing I received at baptism to be a priest, prophet and king in your Kingdom.

Lk 23:35-43 The words of the repentant thief are words that ought to reverberate on a daily basis in our lives. He acknowledges His guilt; he demonstrates an understanding that Jesus has the power to forgive his sins; he asks Jesus for the gift of eternal life. There is no better response that he could have made to Jesus given the situation that he was in! Let us pray that we will take hold of the grace of repentance when it is offered to us.

Jesus, you forgave the repentant thief. You will forgive all people who are willing to ask for the forgiveness of their sins. Help me to humbly accept this gift of new life.