We live in a world of rapid change. Sometimes change is for the good and sometimes it is not; sometimes we should embrace change and other times we should stick with what we know. The real dilemma is discerning when to accept change and when to reject it! We need to look to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to help us here as well as the tried and tested wisdom of the Church. Yes, the Church has made mistakes and rejected change when it should have embraced it, but it has not done that bad a job over the years as it is still around after 2000 years! There are no monarchies or dynasties that are longer lived than that of the Church today.

Jesus tells us that the wise person knows when to embrace change and when to retain a particular aspect of our lifestyle. Generally speaking human beings resist change as we prefer the things we know rather than those with which we are unfamiliar. It is up to those desiring change to demonstrate that the changes they want are justified and will not damage society; it is up to the elder statesmen and women entrusted with preserving and conserving the good in society to listen with an open mind and then be willing to dialogue with the young until an agreement can be reached.

Those entrusted with conserving truth or traditions have an important task, but any student of history quickly discovers that one generation does not have a mortgage on truth when it comes to life or faith for that matter. God knows this and so raises up saints in every age to witness to the essence of faith so that we may be guided well in our choices. Both those desiring change and those with the power to reject or accept that change must see to it that they achieve their ends with due respect for the other. No one gains much when intolerance rules the day.

Do I tend to be a supporter of change or someone who likes to maintain the staus quo? Is the position I take one of expediency or truly in the quest for truth.

Jesus, you constantly challenged the religious understandings and interpretations of your day, not for the sake of it, but in the search or revelation of the truth. Help me to seek the truth in all that I do.