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Stirring up the Spirit

We all received the Holy Spirit at Baptism, but we need to pray that God would stir it up again in our hearts. Fr Ken Barker MGL speaks about the power fo the Spirit in our lives in this homily for the 6th Sunday of Easter.

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For those early risers out there you would appreciate the morning- it’s a wonderful part of the day when dawn is breaking forth and the first rays of the sun catch the tall trees glistening after the night moisture. If ever I am up at that time I do appreciate these times of glory of God. We all know the power of the sun to illumine the day, the soft light of the moon at night. Scripture is flooded with these two images of darkness and light.
The light overshadows the darkness and that is precisely what happens when Jesus the Son of God is in town! Even the demons shudder as they are exposed to the brilliant light of the Son. They scream and call out, knowing that their reign of darkness has been conquered in the light of Jesus’ coming. Jesus speaks in the power of light and acts in the light. All that comes to him is exposed by the light of day.
The image of darkness and light is also within. Anyone who sins lives in the darkness. Anyone who seeks to follow the teachings of Jesus in obedience and faith will always have the light of life. […]

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I think that it is always important for us to reflect upon passages like this one in the light of our own lives. We should try to remember that the way that we see a given situation might not necessarily be the way that God sees it. In fact, if we read through the Gospels carefully I think that we will discover that Jesus often demonstrates an ability to assess a situation very differently from those around Him. This is not to say that our understanding is often necessarily wrong but let us not presume that we necessarily understand the whole mind of God about it every time!

It comes down to a question of humility rather than presumption that we are in the right. And even though we may objectively speaking be in the right, there can still be reasons why we might need to treat the situation in a way other than our initial assessment. St Paul makes this clear when he talks about deferring some courses of action in favor of the person who has a weaker conscience (c.f. 1Cor 8).

There is something within each of us that seeks to exalt ourselves. This is a residue of Original […]

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Good Friday ONE MAN’S DEATH Jn 18:1 – 19:42

Of all the days commemorated in the history of humanity this is the one that has the most profound significance. Today we remember the death on a cross of the Son of God, the Word made flesh. Today we celebrate his death because it signifies, no, is the basis of, the forgiveness of our sins! Without what happened on Calvary nearly 2000 years ago sin and death would still reign supreme in our world, unchecked by the forgiveness of God as manifested in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.


As we gaze upon the crucifix in today’s ceremonies let us ask ourselves what it means for us. How is my life changed by what Jesus did 2000 years ago, and what he continues to do in my life as he offers me the gift of salvation? What is my response to Jesus’ offer of forgiveness for my sins as he hangs on the cross paying the price of my disobedience? What am I doing in my life to help share this truth with others? This may sound like a lot of very heavy questions for one day. It is if this is the only day we reflect upon these truths. […]

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