Video 10 – This is your calling

Many people think that their vocation is the path of life that will make them the most happy. It is actually the path that will make you the most holy. The most important thing is to not confuse your vocation with the location of your vocation

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Video 9 – Fire in the Belly

Before you attempt to discern your vocation, you need to breathe some life back into your heart. So many men have been lulled into a zombie state by this world of constant entertainment. God wants men of passion who are prepared to fight for what is right. Our hope is that this week’s video disturbs you enough to start thinking seriously about why you are breathing.This is video 9 in the discernment series for young men.

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Video 8 – What do you want?

Before you attempt to discern your vocation, you need to be really honest with God and with yourself. It is only when you are honest about the junk that lies within your heart that you can start to discover the gold that is hidden beneath it.

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Video 7 – Decision or destination

You have already made every decision for the next 10 years

This sounds depressing and slightly disempowering, but it is true. There is something deep inside you which is driving every decision you make and you are unaware of what it is. If you want to live differently, you need to stop thinking about your decisions and start thinking about your destination.
This video will need some serious reflection afterwards, so make sure you take time to pray about it.

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Video 6 – Living for Eternity

What decision would you make if you knew you could not die?

Before you try to discern your vocation, you need to be pointing in the right direction: Eternity. The ‘Fear of Missing out’ will always mean that you will make the wrong decision, which is why you need to be convinced that Death is not Fatal.

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Where to from here?


We live in a world that worships youthfulness. And this is one of the biggest things stopping you from really responding to God’s will in your life. In this week’s video we really simple question which you need to spend a lot of time thinking about.

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Video 4 – Do you Trust Him?

Everyone likes to say that they trust God, but when the reality hits, we would much rather do things our way and keep control over our life. If you are going to hear God’s call for your life, you need to trust that his plan is actually good.

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Video 3 – Life to the Full

Jesus says that he wants us to have ‘life to the full’, but what does that even mean? Does this mean that we should spend our life chasing adventure or living for a bigger story?

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Video 2 – Good or Glorious?

Why do I need to do God’s will if I can still be a good person and get to heaven while doing my own thing? In this video, we start to unpack the false beliefs that can get in the way of hearing the voice of God.

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Video 1 – A really annoying fact


We begin with a very disappointing fact – there is no equation for working out your vocation. Join us every week as we seek to break open the big questions about vocation.


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