Sometimes it can be difficult to make the right choices as to what to do in our lives because it means standing out from the crowd; because it means being different and choosing not to belong when this is the last thing that we want to do. I have every sympathy with this sort of reaction as I remember it all too well in my teenage years when I was faced with such decisions. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I made the right and heroic choice every time. There were times when I took a stand on a particular issue and there were others when I was lacking in courage and failed to take a stand and even participated in actions of which I am now ashamed as they were clearly just as wrong then as they are today.

It is not only as young people, teenagers etc, who are faced with these sorts of decisions. We come across them regularly until the day we die and stand before God in judgment. One of the things that seems to happen, though, is that once we begin to set our lives on a particular path, the decisions become easier a second or […]

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Sometimes I think we are tempted, and too often we give in, to believe that the call to holiness is for the ‘big-timers’ who toil constantly in the work of the Kingdom of God. This is a lie! By baptism all Christians have received the call to grow in holiness daily and to seek to remove from their lives everything that would hinder this goal! The call to holiness is the universal call upon every member of the Church and even the human race if you want to think of it in those terms!

St Paul exhorts the Thessalonians to put behind them the ways of their past life. We all know the struggle to combat the sin in our lives once we have allowed it to enter in. How often have we rued the day we first allowed a particular sin into our lives? It would be so much easier to combat the sin if I had not allowed it in that very first time. Well, let us pray that we learn from our mistakes and do not allow any new sins to become problems for us. We already have more than enough to deal with as it is!

St Paul […]

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Vigilance is an essential and often forgotten aspect of our walk of faith. If we fail to be vigilant Satan will find it very easy to infect our lives with his lies and lead us astray from the truth. Vigilance is primarily a function of prayer and reading the Scriptures and any other sort of true spiritual formation as being grounded fully in the truths of our faith is the best defence against the lies of Satan.

It takes a lot of effort to develop a truly vigilant lifestyle that will protect us against the lies of sin. The best place to begin is with a committed prayer-life. If we pray daily and truly allow God to form our hearts in His ways we will have begun to develop a protection against temptation. If we further this with meditating on the Word of God in the Scriptures we will reinforce all that the Spirit of God is teaching us in prayer. If we then add the Teachings of the Church to this we will soon develop an impenetrable armour to the fiery darts and lies of Satan. The only way that armour will be pierced is if we choose to let […]

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One of the ways we can be sure of the integrity of a preacher is if he or she stands to gain nothing from their preaching. When there is always fund-raising associated with the preaching of an individual that does not have proper public accounting I will always be suspicious of the motives and integrity of all those involved. I am not saying that what they are doing is wrong; all I am saying is there is no way of knowing whether what they are doing is consistent with a life of integrity or not!

St Paul mentions a number of time that he offers the Gospel to people free of charge! He stands to gain nothing financially from what he is doing; in fact he is often ‘out of pocket’ in what he does. One of things that clears up a lot of problems regarding the finances of religious groups is if there is a level of independent supervision of the finances of the organisation involved. This will help set a lot of suspicions to rest.

It is important that lay communities have similar safeguards in place as they are no different from charismatic individuals in this regard. Too many groups […]

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Sometimes it is much easier for us to know the truth than to actually put that knowledge into action – just as in today’s Gospel Jesus tells the crowds to listen to what the Scribes and Pharisees teach them, but do not follow their example. The journey from knowledge of the truth to living it out in our daily lives can be a very long path to walk indeed!

It is important for us to realise that as human beings God has created each of us according the truth of our human nature ands when we fail to live according to this truth – when we transgress the human moral code – we place our lives outside the protection of His laws. It is not that God wants to control our lives; it is much the same as when we buy something from the shops if we have any sense we will read the instructions before using it to ensure that we use it properly and do not just break it because we fail to follow the maker’s instructions! Whether we like it or not there is no way that we can separate ourselves from the fact that we are created […]

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We are all well aware that the greatest commandment of all is LOVE. The call to love is at the heart of the Christian calling. I think it is important that we consider this call a commandment and not just a choice we may or may not make. I that the call to love is a commandment affirms is centrality in the life of a disciple of Jesus. This means that any disciple of Jesus needs to focus upon learning how to live a selfless life because it is only in living a selfless life are we a able to focus upon loving God and others.

Maybe the greatest sin of today’s society is selfishness, maybe not. Whatever the case I am sure that one of the greatest hindrances to holiness and living lives of love is selfishness. It is selfishness that never allows a person to look beyond his or her desires; his or her felt-needs and wants. It is this preoccupation with felt-needs that can cripples a person’s capacity to give themselves in love for another person. I am not saying that felt-needs or emotions are bad or even wrong, but when they are allowed to govern a person’s […]

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Bartholomew COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF Jn 1:45-51

Our God is a God who desires to encounter each one of us in a personal way! He does not want to remain distant and aloof from our existence. His decision to become incarnate as a man is proof of this desire and the source of our hope for a personal relationship with Him. Nathaniel (Bartholomew according to tradition) is doubtful that anything good can have its origin in Nazareth. He is about to discover how wrong he can be! The invitation to ‘come and see’ will change his life forever; in the same way if we are open to encountering the living God in a personal way it will change our lives forever.

Before my conversion experience as an 18 year old God was more of a concept in my mind than a living being who wanted to be in relationship with me; it was as though He was ‘out there somewhere’ and tolerated my existence. I had little or no sense of His desire to be in relationship with me like my parents or siblings or friends. This all changed when I attended a youth group and saw that they had something in their relationship with God that I […]

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This parable concerning being wary about those who seek positions of influence and power is very instructive in terms of examining the issue of the motives for which we do things. At first we hear of olive, fig and vine that refuse to take the position of king in the garden as they do not want to sacrifice something that is dear to their independent existence. (We will return to this in a moment.) The thorn, however, is eager to have the role as king as he knows that there is nothing attractive in his normal appearance so being king will give him status and power! Thus, we are warned to be careful of those who seek power as they have no other way of gaining influence in life unless others cede it to them. So often we will discover that those who want to be leaders do not make the best leaders as their motives are far from pure!

There is another issue at stake here that I alluded to earlier and that is the one of the first three plants refusing the role as king because they were unwilling to give up something they held dear to themselves. Any […]

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With all the good intentions in the world we can commit ourselves to a particular course of action and then discover that the one little exception clause that we had at the back of our mind when we made the commitment comes into play! How often has this happened to you? What has been your response when it happens? From my own experience with similar situations to this, I believe that it is here we discover what we truly believe and the degree to which we are really committed to that particular course of action. If we back out, our ability to commit is seriously called into question as is our character in the face of difficulty and suffering.

The rich young man remains nameless in this parable because his name is your name! Each of us is rich in the blessings of God and each of us has a so-called Achilles heel when it comes to being asked to let go of something we enjoy! What your Achilles heel is I do not know but you had better discover it so you can defuse it and remove it from your life before it causes a problem with the commitments you […]

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Sometimes we can approach a situation and look at it from every aspect except the one that matters most. This most often occurs when we are considering issues of morality. The first place we look for answers is in our feelings, which are notoriously unreliable when it comes to indicating the truth; next we look to all the various so-called experts on our subject, the psychologists, sociologists and so on; then we might try the politicians, the philosophers and anyone else who thinks they should be considered an authority; finally we might look to God and the Scriptures and see what they might have to say to us.

This is all the wrong way around! Jesus tells us that we should start with what God intended for the human person when it comes to questions of morality. His use of the phrase ‘in the beginning’ reminds us that there is an original authority and intention in the creation of human life and we ignore it to our own peril. Unfortunately it seems that today’s society is quite willing to embrace the possibility of peril in its blind search for pleasure and the easy way out of a difficult situation. It is […]

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