The other day I was walking along a beach in Zambales and I saw a house being built right at the high tide mark on the beach. It struck me as quite a silly place to build a house because, not only would the waves of a storm threaten its foundations, it was also built right beside the bank of a stream that emptied into the sea which was already causing erosion problems with the foundations on that side of the house. I very much doubt that the house will survive too many typhoon seasons!

Sometimes it seems that we do not make sensible decisions about where and how to build our houses. This is not only the case with houses, but it also seems to ring true regarding the foundation of our spiritual lives as well. Too often as a priest I come across people who have built their spirituality around a particular experience, or set of experiences, that are slowly fading away and taking their faith with it. The only way to build a faith that will endure the test of time is to build it upon a solid commitment to Jesus! Without this it will be destined to fail.

Experiences are very effective in inspiring people to come to faith in Jesus, however, if it is going to last, each person must make a commitment to walk with Jesus in relationship with Him through both the good times and the bad times. This sounds a bit like a marriage! Marriage is a very apt image for faith as a marriage too, will only survive if the love at its centre is based on the commitment of two people to each other and not just on the feelings or mutual attraction that is so often the beginning of a marriage relationship.

Jesus encourages us to build our lives and faith upon the solid rock of His love for us, and our commitment to that love. Anything else is doomed to failure just like the house built on sand at the mercy of the sea and storms.

Is my relationship with Jesus based on a firm commitment to walk with Him on a daily basis or do I tend to allow my feelings to control the way I live my life?

Lord Jesus, you were committed to prayer in order to remain in good relationship with your Father. Help me to be committed to daily prayer and Scripture reading, in order to deepen in relationship with you.