It ought to be impossible for any Christian to live in peace while there are people who are unjustly treated anywhere in the world. This may sound a little unreasonable but let us reflect upon it for a moment. It is certainly true that God will never rest at peace while there is still injustice in the world and it is from this basis that the same can be said for all who are seeking to develop the heart of God for His people. At the same time it is important to note that I am not saying that everyone is necessarily responsible for the injustice that may exist. We may or may not be practically able to contribute to its elimination. However, at the very least we can be praying that someone will be actively working against whatever the injustice may be.

Let us look a little more closely at our individual situations in terms of looking at the society in which we live. I am not about to give an analysis of any individual society here but there are a few broad strokes that we can look at such as: Is there an equitable distribution of the wealth of the society in our immediate neighborhood/city/nation? If not, what practical steps am I taking to DO WHAT I CAN to address this inequality? I will be the first to admit that probably no individual has the power to change such inequality but each of us does have the power and indeed responsibility to actively work towards closing the gap between rich and poor. Exactly what this work might be will depend on the resources and gifts of the individual as well as the situation they find themselves in.

The gap between the rich and poor in Jesus’ time did not really change much if at all, however what we see Jesus doing is giving at least as much attention to the needs of the poor and sinners as He does the rich. This was a radical departure from the normal practices of His time and something we must seek to imitate today.

Where can I help in bringing greater equality to the lives of those around me? Are there sacrifices I should be making in order to do this?

Jesus, grant me the grace to grow less selfish and more generous as I deepen my commitment to work for greater justice and fairness in my society.