It has been said that the source of most of our sin is boredom. There is a deep restlessness within our hearts that is always looking for more. This boredom can create a type of madness inside of us. Even when we have all that we want, it doesn’t take long before boredom sets in and we start dreaming of having something else. There can even be times when we seem to go looking for conflict or trouble because we have become bored with how peaceful and stable our life is.

The church has always been aware of this problem and it has always presented contemplation as the answer. We need to learn again to delight in the small and ordinary things of life. Boredom causes us to be constantly looking outward, driven by envy at the idea that other people are enjoying their lives more than I am. Whereas contemplation calls me to look inward and find delight in the ordinary. In a world which is constantly seeking stronger physical stimulation, contemplation teaches us to delight in the more subtle pleasures, the simple joys, even to the point of finding joy in the midst of sadness or discomfort.

The best way to learn contemplation is through spending time in silence. Books and talks on the subject can help, but silence is the best teacher. It is there that we begin to appreciate the blessings that currently are in our life rather than dreaming of the things that are missing. So try to create some space to just sit in the silence and be aware of how you are being loved by God and gradually you will find that boredom and sin have less control over your life.