Sometimes it is difficult to accept the way in which others might seem to be wealthier or more endowed intellectually or more blessed than we seem to be. If we are sensible about this we will realize that there are certain things in life that we just cannot change! Or can we change them?

The most important thing that we have in this life is our relationship with God. Everything else pales into complete and utter insignificance in comparison to our relationship with Jesus. With this in mind, we do have the power to change many of the things in our life for the better! Maybe it is not ‘to the better’ in the sense that the world might understand this concept, but it is ‘to the better’ in regards our journey towards eternal life. The latter is far more important than the former.

The person whose faith is truly alive will be constantly experiencing a drawing deeper into relationship with God. The deeper we go with God, the less the ways and priorities of the world will seem important to us. In fact, some of the saints became so engrossed in their relationship with God that they would forget to eat, not notice that they were sleeping only a short time and many other things as well! Their minds and hearts were so captured by God’s love that nothing else mattered to them any more.

This is why the lives of the saints are such beacons in the darkness of the world. Their lives are such a contrast to those people caught up in the things of the world that they shine all the brighter, pointing the way to true happiness and peace. The world, on the other hand, cannot offer any of this of itself. The dynamic involved in the world has been so affected by sin that it is difficult to see our way out of the darkness. Thus the saints become important guideposts for our lives. They demonstrate that it is possible to live with God as the focus of our lives, even in the midst of the darkness of sin.

Who do I look to for inspiration in my life? Who are my heroes and heroines? I f I do not have any, or if none of them are men or women of faith, perhaps it is time for me to look for some new ones.

Lord Jesus, you are the light of the world. You shone your light for all to see – the light of the Gospel of our salvation. Help me to live my life by that light and to learn to light the way for others to come to you as well.