Eph 3:2-12

Whether we like it or not we all have responsibility for the graces God has given us and this means we have to discern how to use such graces not just for our own benefit but for the good of the Kingdom of God as a whole. The author of the Letter to the Ephesians reminds them how Paul has exercised stewardship of the graces of God for their benefit. This is why the community of faith has grown strongly. It is now up to each member of the community to respond accordingly and do the same.

This is also true for us today. In the midst of the secular world of today this can be quite difficult as the focus seems to be strongly placed upon ‘looking after one’s own interests above and beyond all else.’ This is true only to a limited extent in that if everyone only focuses upon themselves, then we will all lose out in the end due to lack of cooperation. If everyone is only interested in the biggest prize at a competition and shuns everything else, then there will only be one winner! If you remember the film “A Beautiful Mind” depicting the story of Nobel Prize winner John Nash (I think in 1994), you will remember that it was this problem that inspired his work that won him the prize!

For example, only one person can marry a particular woman amongst a group of men, then each man, realizing this truth will seek to optimize his chances for marriage by being open to and considering seriously other options. Nash worked out a series of formulae, equations etc that could be applied to different circumstances that helped apply this principle to the business world and so on.

If we are smart we will realize that this principle applies to the distribution of the graces of God as well! Together we have it all; alone we only have access to a very limited amount of God’s grace. As we seek to be good stewards of the grace God has given us, let us endeavor to cooperate with those around us as we bring our gifts and talents into the service of the Kingdom of God.

Do I naturally work well with others or do I find it difficult to share what I have? What ways can I contribute more to my community of faith?

Holy Spirit, help me to realize and then act upon the truth that in sharing the gifts I have with others I will actually gain more than I lose as others will also share with me their own gifts.