Do you want to be convinced of the sin in your lives? I hope so! This is one of the roles of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian. We live in a day and age of denial and the primary denial that is taking place concerns the nature of te human person. Many academics are denying that there is anything fundamental to the structure or the psyche of the human person such that there might be demands made upon the actions of the individual. They might not say it in the words that I have just used but what I have just expressed is the fundamental basis of the relativistic scepticism that permeated much of today’s society. There are no absolute truths is the catchcry of this trend; what is true for me may not be necessarily true for you. This may be the case but there must be some truths regarding the human person or there is no basis for morality or any sort of ordered society.


Access to abortion is one of the key issues. Abortion in its most basic description is the killing of an innocent, unborn child. Proponents of abortion on demand will use the word ‘foetus’ to describe the child because it does not connote the same sense of person hood or personality as the word ‘child.’ The language of the people is focused on the woman’s self determination and her so-called ‘rights’ in this regard. They never speak of the rights of the child to be born and live let alone be given the chance to get to the point of becoming self-determining.


The problem with their argument is they never speak about the duties and responsibilities of the people involved to avoid pregnancy if they are not yet ready to become mothers and fathers! No one has a right to have sex just because they want it. The act of sex is such that it is the gift of one person to the other as part of a committed relationship. The capacity a human being has for sex is a natural human appetite, and as such is subject to the moral demands of self control. It is not a commodity to be bought and sold.


Our world is growing in its disregard for human life. There can never be a just society where the weakest and least able to protect and even speak for themselves are regarded as alien invaders of another person’s rights and thus able to be destroyed without a second thought.


Holy Spirit, help me to be a firm defender of life in all its beauty and fragility. Help me to stand up for those least able to defend themselves. Help me to work for the abolition of all legal statutes that are antithetical to the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.