Sometimes it can be difficult to make the right choices as to what to do in our lives because it means standing out from the crowd; because it means being different and choosing not to belong when this is the last thing that we want to do. I have every sympathy with this sort of reaction as I remember it all too well in my teenage years when I was faced with such decisions. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I made the right and heroic choice every time. There were times when I took a stand on a particular issue and there were others when I was lacking in courage and failed to take a stand and even participated in actions of which I am now ashamed as they were clearly just as wrong then as they are today.

It is not only as young people, teenagers etc, who are faced with these sorts of decisions. We come across them regularly until the day we die and stand before God in judgment. One of the things that seems to happen, though, is that once we begin to set our lives on a particular path, the decisions become easier a second or third time over. Unfortunately this is just true for the bad decisions we have made as well as the good ones! It is this reality that the moralists refer to as developing habits, both good and bad.

The good news is that it is never too late to try to cultivate good habits. Jesus calls us to live the truths that we believe when He tells us that He is the living fulfillment of the prophecy from the Prophet Isaiah that He has just finished reading. I believe that we should hear such words as a call to rally behind Jesus in living out the truths of the Gospel and thus becoming living witnesses of the Good News. It will not be easy to do this. we have the history of the martyrs of the Church to remind us of the challenges that will confront us. Nevertheless, let us take courage and make a stand for all that is true and right. I want me life to be remembered for something good and not just consigned to the scrap heap of history as another person who succumbed to they temptations of the world and whose life was wasted in the fruitless pursuit of worldly goods that always failed to fulfill me. This is a big call for us to embrace, but it is a call that will give the greatest possible meaning to our lives and also the opportunity to leave an example of a life worth following.

I believe that we should all aspire to be saints and thus be willing to pay the price that will allow us to reach such an exalted height. I do not want fame in the eyes of the world but the confidence to be able to stand before God at the end of my life and say to Him, “God, I have lived a full and happy life because I lived it for you and for what I believed to be the truth.”

What is the greatest dream of your life? What is the focal point of this dream, life here on earth or your future life in heaven?

Holy Spirit, I hope and pray that you will inspire me from within so that I will live my life for you and not for the world. I pray for the grace to be a saint and living witness to the beauty and truth of the Gospels.