There is a big difference between being a steward of the wealth that God has blessed us with and with being beholden to that very same wealth. In the former we are in control of all of our actions. In the latter, wealth or the desire for it is the controlling force in our actions. The Gospel today asks us to examine where we stand on these matters. It is important for us to be honest with ourselves here as if we are not, that is just the opening that the devil is seeking in order to deflect us from the path of true discipleship and lead us into a position where it is money or mammon rather than God that is the focus of our lives.

Jesus tells us a story about a man who knows how to get what he wants in this life, however, he has forgotten about the life to follow, that is, eternal life. He may well be successful in obtaining everything that he wants here and now, but what about eternal life. How will all the things of the world benefit him then? This is a crucial concept that we must grasp early in life in order to keep the proper perspective upon our doings in and the wealth of this world.

Jesus is quite clear about the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to serve two masters, that is, both God and mammon. This means that our lives here on earth are always subservient to our preparation for eternal life. This means that our stewardship of our earthly goods always keeps this principle in mind. These goods are not for our use exclusively, but really belong to the patrimony of all humanity. They ought to be put to use in order that as many people as possible can usefully benefit from them.

Making money for the sake of getting richer and having a more comfortable life has inherent dangers attached to it. It is so easy to get caught up in the service of mammon that it is better to be pitifully poor, yet serving the Lord, than very rich and serving the god of money.

How well balanced is my life in terms of my use of the gifts and wealth that I have being at my service and the service of others? Do I tend to be selfish concerning my goods or do I easily share with others?

Lord Jesus, you came to serve and not to be served. You laid down your life so that I might live. Help me to keep a proper perspective upon the meaning of life as I journey towards eternal life with you.