Farmers are always trying to think of ways of increasing the yield of their harvests in order to make a better living from their farms. Jesus also demonstrates concern for the yield of fruit from each of our lives. Life is not just something that comes and goes without any real purpose or reason. Each of us has a part to play in God’s eternal plan for His Creation. The parable in today’s Gospel asks us the question, “What sort and how much fruit is your life bearing for the Kingdom of God?”

Just as the soil into which the farmer plants his crop is given great attention, so to the so-called ‘soil of our hearts’ is also due scrutiny. What sort of soil do we provide for the Word of God to grow in? How well do we care for the Word of God once it has taken root in our hearts? What attention do we pay to God’s Word in our lives? These questions and others will all be indicators as to the extent of the harvest that will be forthcoming from our lives.

There is an old adage that contains a certain element of truth – no pain; no gain. This is no less true when considering the harvest of any given crop in the field than the fruit borne of our Christian lives! Our hearts must be suitably prepared for the reception of the Word of God. If we lack desire to be formed in God’s Word or refuse to give the time necessary to read and meditate upon the Scriptures, then we will find that the fruits of the Spirit are lacking in our lives. If we are unwilling to continue to feed our meditation upon God’s Word by reading commentaries we will also find that our lives tend towards barrenness rather than fruitfulness!

Just as a farmer must be diligent and disciplined in preparing his fields at the right time and then caring for whatever crop that he has planted, so must we in our spiritual lives follow the same sort of discipline. It is such a shame to see a crop in the fields that has not made it to harvest due to neglect or some other reason. How much more is this so for a person’ life with regards to the fruits that can be borne of the Gospel if they are disciplined enough to develop a healthy and balanced spiritual lifestyle.

How committed am I to the daily discipline of prayer and reading God’s Word? Do I prepare my heart well to receive God’s Word or do I pray and read Scriptures only when time permits me to?

Holy Spirit, help me to order my life in such a way that I can give quality time to God in prayer and reading His Word. Help me to let go of time consuming things in my life that are ultimately unnecessary so that I can devote my time to things that really matter.