Our God is a God who desires to encounter each one of us in a personal way! He does not want to remain distant and aloof from our existence. His decision to become incarnate as a man is proof of this desire and the source of our hope for a personal relationship with Him. Nathaniel (Bartholomew according to tradition) is doubtful that anything good can have its origin in Nazareth. He is about to discover how wrong he can be! The invitation to ‘come and see’ will change his life forever; in the same way if we are open to encountering the living God in a personal way it will change our lives forever.

Before my conversion experience as an 18 year old God was more of a concept in my mind than a living being who wanted to be in relationship with me; it was as though He was ‘out there somewhere’ and tolerated my existence. I had little or no sense of His desire to be in relationship with me like my parents or siblings or friends. This all changed when I attended a youth group and saw that they had something in their relationship with God that I immediately saw was good and I knew straight away that I had to have what they had! This was the beginning of my active and personal relationship with Jesus. This experience changed the way I viewed my faith and reset the priorities of my life, giving me a new reason for living!

This may sound exaggerated but it is not. I think I would have drifted through life basically enjoying it to limited degree and living what would be described at my death as an ordinary but good life. With my conversion to a personal relationship with Jesus so many more possibilities have been opened up to me. Even my calling to become a priest came alive to the point that I knew without a doubt that this is what God wanted of me. I cannot even imagine what sort of a priest I would have been if I had not come into the reality of a personal relationship with Jesus. To me now, faith only really makes ant sense if it is accompanied by the knowledge that God desires to be in personal contact with us every moment of every day.

What understanding do I have of my relationship with God? Do I experience Him as desiring a personal relationship with me? If not, am I willing to open my life to Him in this way?

Father, you created me in love and desire to walk with me all the days of my life. Help me to remain open to your love and will so that I will walk according to your ways and know the fullness of your love for me all the time.