There is so much for us to be thankful! God was not just intent with doing away with the sin in our lives through the washing of the waters of Baptism, He also gives us the gift of His Holy Spirit, the fire of His love! What more could we ask of our god?

As we reflect upon the gift of the Sacrament of Baptism, it is important to realise that it is not just a celebration of the forgiveness of our sins> It is so much more than that. God gives us the means by which we are to live our lives – namely the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will provide us with the gifts and the courage to put them into practice so that we will truly become disciples of Jesus.

This is no idle truth! There is a tremendous responsibility that comes with baptism! Once we are baptised we are to live as the sons and daughters of God. This means that our lives must reflect this reality in all that we do. We must live according to the truth of who we are made in baptism! John the Baptist gives us a hint as to the difficulties that this will involve when he speaks of the chaff being burnt in the fire that will never go out. Whether the chaff refers to our sins or to those who do not respond to the Gospel is a moot point here. The never-ending fire indicates to us that the Sacrament of Baptism initiates us into what will be a life-long process of discipleship and purification. Are we ready for this? I hope so!

Furthermore, Baptism calls us into the role of being an apostle of the Gospel to all peoples. We are all called to evangelise and share the Gospel with others precisely by virtue of our Baptism. Let us resolve to be faithful to this call all the days of our lives.

Am I faithfully living out the truth of my Baptism every day? If not, why not? And, what am I going to do to change this?

Lord Jesus, help me to remain faithful to the call you place upon my life. Help me to open my heart to you in such a way that my first desire will always be to do your will.