Num 24:2-7, 15-17      It is easy to be wise in retrospect! Once we know the outcome of a particular event it is much easier to se what we should have done, however, this is useless information as the time for doing it, has passed us by! The gift of prophecy is not so much concerned with predicting the future but making known the will of God to His people at a time when they still have the opportunity to do something about it!

Let us pray for hearts that are open to the Lord’s guidance so that upon hearing His word we might respond to it in a positive manner and so avoid future disasters as much as possible.

Mt 21:23-27    Jesus does not always allow the chief priests and elders to think that they are right in their accusations against Him. This time He asks them a question in return. It seems to be quite a simple and innocent question, but it actually reveals the motives of the chief priests and elders very clearly. Whatever answer they give will incriminate them and not Jesus. Thus they leave in silence.

Heavenly Father, grant me the wisdom to be able to answer questions about my faith when people ask them. I do not want to confound people with my answers, but I do want to try and lead them to a deeper faith in you.