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We are priests and consecrated brothers together in mission, sharing in the work of evangelisation in a collaborative way with lay people. We always seek to empower the laity in their journey towards holiness and their mission to spread the good news. In return, we draw much strength and support from the lay community which is integral to our identity.
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Leprosy of the Soul

We live in a world that is desperately chasing after ‘feeling’, which suggests that something inside of us has gone numb. Fr Dave Callaghan MGL speaks about the fact that the solution to the problem is closer to us than we can imagine.

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Do we really need Jesus?

There is often a big gap between what we believe and what we live. We can say that Jesus is our Saviour, yet rely on so many other things to save us from our pain. Fr Dave Callaghan MGL touches on some controversial questions in this homily for the 5th Sunday in Ordinary time.

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The Power of Hope

The message that ‘there is hope’ contains within it the whole of the gospel. Fr David Callaghan MGl speaks about how God speaks this truth into the world in every generation in this homily for the 4th Sunday in Ordinary time.

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Going fishing

When Jesus calls the disciples to become ‘fishers of men’, he is calling all of us to go out and bring the good news to the whole world. Fr Ken Barker MGL speaks about the call of mission in this homily for the 3rd Sunday in ordinary time.

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The need for Peace

At this time of Christmas, our hearts are yearning for peace. God brings this grace to us in the birth of Jesus. Fr Ken Barker MGL speaks about the grace of Christmas in this homily recorded in 2016.

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Prepare the Way

The best way to prepare a way for the Lord this Advent is through being really vulnerable with God about the areas where we need salvation. Fr David Callaghan MGL speaks about the difference that the saviour brings to our life in this homily for the 3rd Sunday in Advent.

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A Change of Heart

Our salvation will not come through creating the perfect society. Our salvation comes by being formed into the image of the perfect person, Jesus Christ. Fr Dave Callaghan MGL speaks about the call of holiness as we begin the season of Advent.

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Alive in the Spirit

On the feast of Christ the King, Fr Ken barker MGL preaches about the movement of the Holy Spirit in our life. This was at the end of a retreat preparing for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit at the St Benedict’s Mission Centre in Canberra.

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The banquet

We are called to share in the banquet which satisfies all desire. Fr Ken Barker MGL speaks about the relationship between mission and the Eucharist in this homily for the 28th Sunday in Ordinary time. This homily was presented at the end of the Young men of God Conference.

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The violence in our hearts

The parable of the tenants in the vineyard reveals the violence in the human heart. Fr Chris Eaton MGL speaks about how Jesus wants to heal this violence with compassion. This homily for the 27th Sunday in ordinary time was recorded at St Benedict’s parish in Canberra.

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