Dt 31: 1-8 Clear structures of leadership are important fro every human organization including religious ones. Without them groups descend into chaos following the death of their founders. Moses makes it clear that Joshua is to follow him. Likewise the Catholic Church has very clear method of passing authority from one pope to the next in a process developed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Thank you God, for developing clear structures of leadership for the Church. They have served us well for 2000 years and will hopefully continue to do so.


Mt 18: 1-5. 10. 12-14 Trust is a critical component of faith and the type of faith that God wants to see in our lives is that of a little child. Children are not naïve, they simply trust that parents should be who they are meant to be in God’s plan. We can be sure that if we place our trust in God we will he will never let us down. If there is a breakdown in our relationship with God it is we who have caused it but God does not bear grudges – he is the perfect parent who always desires the best for his children.


Father, thank you for your love and mercy. Help me to allow your love be the guiding principle of my life. Let me always be trusting of your desires and hopes for me.