Ex 40: 16-21. 34-38 Today we celebrate one of the greatest moral theologians of the Church, in fact he is the patron saint for moral theologians. St Alphonsus was also distressed at the lack of pastoral care given to the rural communities in Italy and so one of the main charisms of the Redemptorists, the order he founded, was doing parish missions in poor and rural communities. Let us always try to do all we can to help those who are less fortunate than we have been in life.

Jesus, help me not only to pray for the poor but to do what I can practically to help them lift themselves from both their material and spiritual poverty.

Mt 13: 47-53 The Gospel always has a relevance for our lives no matter who we are or what we do or when we happen to be living! A wise disciple is able to discern the relevance of any Scriptural teaching for him or her self. It is important that we give the Scriptures every opportunity to speak to us in our lives so that we can draw from them the fullest proper benefit from them.

Jesus, help me to have an open heart and mind so that I will always be able to draw spiritual assistance from the Scriptures when I read and meditate upon them.