Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is the turning point of the battle between good and evil. It proves to us that the power of the love of God that raises Jesus from death is greater than death itself. Death has been overthrown as a fundamental power of life on earth. In the movie Meet Jo Black there is a line at the end of the movie where Jo reminds us that there are only two sure things in life – death and taxes. Well, this is not really true in more! Death is certain only to the degree that it is our mortal death that is the beginning of eternal life. Death’s certainty no longer has any sting attached to it – it has been mitigated by the resurrection of Jesus to the point that we need no longer be afraid of death and should even welcome it when it comes as we know that it is the necessary passage to a greater form of existence for all eternity.

This may sound a little philosophical but it is important to reflect upon how we understand death as this will be critical to the way we approach living our lives here on earth. If we believe there is nothing more after our earthly death then we will seek to extract every possible pleasure from our lives before we die. If we believe there is something more and even greater beyond death we will have good reason to seek to prepare ourselves for such a reality starting right now!

A wise person will take time to consider their answer to this question because he/she will realise that a lot hinges upon it. As we reflect upon the meaning of death the Church teaches us through today’s feast of the Assumption that the grace Mary receives at the end of her earthly pilgrimage is one that we all hope to receive on the last day. Mary’s Assumption into heaven merely precedes ours from the view of earthly time. In the realm of the after-life we are cannot really talk about time as we are already in eternity! We will have to be patient and wait for exactly what this means for each of us as far as the experience of our bodily resurrection.

What attitude do I have towards Mary the Mother of the Church? Do I reflect upon her life as a model for my own in that she is the first and holiest of the disciples of Jesus her Son?

Mary, intercede for me that I will be given the grace to open my heart fully to the love of Jesus and so be drawn more deeply into His will for my life every day.