We begin once again our Lenten journey. Let us focus our attention on the Second Reading for now. St Paul affirms that we are all called to be ambassadors for Christ. What does this mean? Put simply it means that each of us, according to God’s will for our lives, is to give witness to the truth of the Gospel to the world. Through the witness of our lifestyle we must be calling out to the world to change its ways and repent of sin and live holy and righteous lives.

This sounds like an enormous responsibility and at one level it is, however, to be realistic, all it is is a call to be obedient to the will of God as best we can. God cannot ask any more form us than this! On the other hand, this is not just an incidental little thing. God’s calling, as we learnt yesterday will involve sacrifices and endurance. It will mean being ready to allow God to lead us on the adventure of our lives. It will mean experiencing situations where we will have to place our trust in God and let go of any hope of remaining personally in control of the situation. This is good thing not a bad thing! It means that we have to come to a place of entrusting our lives to God so that He will be better able to form us in His ways and use us to promote His Kingdom in the world.

Jesus, even though He was Son of God learnt obedience to the Father through the endurance of suffering and death. We can hardly expect our lives not to include something of this particularly as we know we are supposed to model our lives upon Jesus. Paul further tells us that now is the time and that we should not delay getting on with living a life of discipleship. Too often we miss opportunities to give witness to the Gospel because we delay our response to His offer of grace. Let us resolve this Lent to respond promptly to whatever God may be doing in our lives at this time.

What is God saying to you about your faith life at the moment? Is He calling for any changes? What is your response?

Father, your will is the perfect will for my life. Why do I find this so hard to believe? Help me to both believe and live it.