The answer to any and every spiritual problem or difficulty we face will always have an element of faith to it. Paul acknowledges this when he calls to our attention that Abraham is justified by his faith. It is interesting to look at a few of the side points that Paul mentions. Maybe they can help us to grow in our faith.

Abraham refuses to deny or doubt the promise of God. We ought to cling to the promise of salvation and all that goes with it with the same determination as Abraham. However, we must first identify the promises of God. The most basic of these is the promise of salvation to those who will believe which is witnessed to by the gift of the Holy Spirit. Each of us must then identify how this promise is to be worked out in our lives. It is different for everyone even though the ultimate goal, eternal life, is the same. This is the beauty of being individuals. We get to see how God works in the lives of others as well!

This leads us to the second point. Paul mentions that Abraham gave glory to God. The primary way each of us can give glory to God is by being faithful to His call upon our lives. When we live God’s will to the full we give glory to God and so encourage others to live their lives to the full as well. We all know how it is so much easier to do something when you are doing it along with others rather than in isolation.

Thirdly, we are to draw strength from our faith. It can even be a good practice to keep a spiritual diary so that we can keep a record of what God has done for us in our life. In this way, when there are hardships to be endured, we can easily remind ourselves of God’s previous blessings and so look forward with hope for the end of the trials. The strength comes from our experience of what God has done for us through our faith in Him. If we are reliant upon ourselves for the strength we will ultimately fail and fall away from our faith.

Finally, Paul encourages us to remember that our major focus must be what Jesus has done for us through His death and resurrection. This is the source of all our hope and strength. Without it we would be lost.

Do I remember to give glory to the Lord for all that He does in and through me for others, or do I tend to keep it for myself? It is much better to rely upon the Lord than to rely upon myself so I had better give the credit where the credit is due!

Holy Spirit, let me never lose sight of all that God has done for me and help me to live in the fullness of the gift of salvation that He offers.