Every mass we acclaim the mystery of faith; Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. The first two events have come and gone – the third yet to be fulfilled. Some have said Jesus has already come by the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Others say he has come again at the Resurrection, or in a moment of the believer’s conversion. Jesus tells us that it will be noticeable to all. We will not know the hour or day
At least we have an idea when Jesus will come again-when we do not expect it! We are to be watchful, ready, and waiting. The Second Coming reminds me of the children’s game “hide and seek”. One cries out at “ready or not here I come”. I suppose it will be like that when Jesus comes again. Are you ready…or not?
In the gospel, Jesus warns us of the suddenness of his coming. He cites two characters- Noah and Lot, as an example. Noah was that righteous man. God asked Noah to build an ark in preparation for the upcoming flood that would wipe all of humanity. God was grieved at the wickedness of man. There were some to be spared, Noah and his family. The flood came all of a sudden. People were doing normal activities when the flood came unexpectedly. Again, Lot was the nephew of Abraham. After the visitors came to his place, they warned Lot to escape the imminent destruction of the city of Sodom. At once, the whole city was destroyed. It was as sudden as a tropical storm one experiences in the rainy season of the Philippines.
The suddenness and unexpected arrival of the coming of the Son of man need be no cause for alarm. We are to stand in firm confidence that Jesus is the Savior of the world. Therefore, we should take care of how we act. Perhaps the daily examen is a good spiritual practice. It enables us to keep a check upon our life.

Are you ready?

Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus. Amen