The above question confronts us with the mortality of our existence. It asks us to reflect upon the truth that we will all die at some time or another – be it slow or be it fast it is death that comes at last! From a purely human or mortal point of view it would seem then, that death has the final say! However, we as Christians know that this is not the case because Jesus has risen from the dead and has conquered the grave. In the light of this revelation Christians need no longer fear death. Death becomes in reality the final ‘checkpoint’ that has to be passed before moving on to eternal life, that is of course, as long as you have lived a life in accordance with Christian principles.

Jesus is not afraid of Herod and what he might do in response to his preaching the Gospel. Jesus knows that he is doing what his father wants him to do and thus he believes and trusts that whatever happens, the Father has all things in hand. Herein lies the difficulty for us because often this ‘having things in hand’ does not always correspond to what we think this should mean! That is, our conception of how the events in our lives should be played out is not necessarily the same as the mind of God! This is where faith and trust have to come into our relationship with God. We see it plain and clear in the life of Jesus in that he knows he is going to his mortal death on the cross and he personally does little or nothing to halt this process. However, it is equally clear in the Scriptures that he totally entrusts himself into the hands of his Father believing that he will be vindicated in the end! It is this trust and belief of Jesus that we must emulate. It is for this grace we must beg the Lord every day!

Look at one aspect of the logic of it all. We all know we will die someday. It is better to die, it is logically more defensible to die, having prepared ourselves for that fact. If we prepare and there is no God we have lost only a finite number of years. If we do not prepare and there is a God we lose eternal life. I know where I will place my bet!

What am I doing now in order to prepare myself for the time of my death? What will happen to me if I die tomorrow?

Holy Spirit, help me to see death as an integral part of life that is merely the check in point for eternal life with you in heaven. Take away my fears and teach me to live life to the full now, having prepared myself for eternal life.