Heb 4: 1-5. 11 God helps those who help themselves. This is an old adage of which we need to be reminded often! It does not mean that God waits for us to make the first move but that he cooperates with all that we do. He makes the first move, and what follows from that will depend upon our response. If we do nothing to accept the gift of salvation we will not be saved! If we welcome the gift we will be quickly drawn into a life of holiness.

Jesus, help me to cooperate with the graces you give me in my life so that they will always continue to multiply. Help me to live under your grace and will.


Mk 2: 1-12 How serious are you about following God’s will? What are you willing to do in order to place yourself at the feet of Jesus to listen closely to his word for your life? These are serious questions that we all have to ponder and give an answer to them. However, our answer will be expressed in deeds, not words. Words are cheap and easy – it is the actions of our lives that really count towards becoming a witness to the Gospel.

Father, help me to be committed to seeking your will at all times and in all places. I want to know what you want me to do so I can be obedient to all you call me to be and do.