One of the roles of the holy Spirit is that he will teach us all we need to know about the spiritual life. This task will be impossible unless we are teachable, that is, we need to embrace the virtue of humility and be ready and willing to learn about the new way of life we have embraced as disciples of Jesus. It takes a lot of humility to remain teachable throughout our lives because the danger is that after a few years of walking in the ways of Jesus we begin to think that we know all that we need to know and so become less and less teachable.


The question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not we want to embrace the fullness of the grace that God has for us. This is the big question. We may think we have reached that fullness already but the reality is that we never reach the fullness of the graces of God in this life – maybe some of the true mystics of the Church come close but even they will be the first to admit that God is much bigger and grander than they have experienced. We need to set our eyes and goals ever higher as we embrace the Gospel call of holiness and seek to live as Christ’s disciples.


The world will always be trying to hold us back; the pleasures of life will become temptations that stunt the growth of our spiritual lives; our own imperfect desires will have the same effect. We need to choose to allow the Holy Spirit a fuller reign in our lives than we ever thought possible so that he can always challenge us to lift our expectations of our faith and strive onward and higher in the call to grow in holiness and the likeness of Christ.


As we celebrate the Easter season let us not do ourselves the injustice of failing to allow the fullness of the grace of God to work in our lives.


Holy Spirit, help me to open my heart and mind to the grace of God in such a way that I will always expect to be taken deeper and deeper into my faith.