An amazing thing always seems to happen when people get offended, or when they enter into conflict with another person – they suddenly become omniscient. We normally attribute this virtue of being ‘all knowing’ only to God. Yet something happens when people are angry where they suddenly have the ability to know the inner thoughts and motivations of the person who offended them.

Sometimes even when the person who offended them comes to apologise, the victim will walk away believing that their attacker has not told the whole truth, because they somehow have access to the ‘real truth’.

This is where we need a reality check. We don’t know what the other person is thinking, and we don’t have a complete awareness of the inner life of the other person. We need to have the humility to allow God to be the ‘all knowing’ one and realise that we have not seen the whole picture. If we can approach with a genuine desire to learn about the things that we don’t know, then we will often be surprised to find that the other person isn’t as horrible as we first thought.