Jesus describes Nathaniel as a man with nothing false in him. This is a tremendous compliment. I hope and pray that I will be converted to the point that this is true of me as well! I think that this is one of the goals of the Holy Spirit with us all. The Holy Spirit desires that we will all be upright and true people who do not seek to hide from God or one another.


I think if we look at our lives carefully we will all be able to identify at least one aspect that we would like to improve. I think that we all probably have something we want to hide from others as well. It is the latter that Nathaniel lacks according to the words of Jesus. Perhaps it is this description that swayed the Church to choose this reading for the celebration of the Archangels, Gabriel, Raphael and Michael. Angels are beings who are perfectly straight. They have made their choice one way or the other and are destined to obedience to God or disobedience. They cannot be converted otherwise.


It is not that we should aspire to be angels but rather to imitate their character as obedient to God’s Word whenever He calls them. As difficult as this is, it is the basis of the call to discipleship and holiness. Until we can separate ourselves from the control of the desires that lead us away from God we will never be able to approach the holiness and straightforwardness of Nathaniel. As we reflect upon the roles of the archangels let us be reminded that reflection and good intentions must be converted into action before it will take proper root in our lives. This is the daily challenge to discipleship and holiness in its most fundamental form. When we read the lives of the saints and see the radical nature of their response to God’s call, we will begin to realize the distance we have to travel before we reach their level!


It is time for us to make the necessary decisions to take up this call to holiness in a serious and committed way. It is time for us to welcome more fully the guidance and grace of the Holy Spirit into our lives so that holiness will be a reachable goal. Let us pray that we will all accept this challenge and move forward together in the calls that God places upon our lives.


How true am I within to the image I portray externally? Does God have a lot of work to do here in my life? If so, where should we begin?


Holy Spirit, it is only by your strength and with your guidance that I will reach the fullness of the call to holiness. I pray that I will be humble enough to recognize and work on my faults with the help of your grace.