1Jn 2:3-11       In a particular way our lives here on earth are merely a training for the life to come in heaven. How are we going to survive eternity with God and one another if we are unable to work out our usually petty differences here on earth? This is a good question to reflect upon every once in a while as it can help to put into perspective the things that are going on in our lives. It can help us broaden our horizons from the immediate urgency and invite us to reflect upon the infinity of eternity.

Holy Spirit, so often our disputes with one another get out of proportion to their real magnitude. Help me to keep the right perspective upon life and to be able to allow things to pass if they are not really a matter of life and death.

Lk 2:22-35      The prophecies of Anna and Simeon are a sign that there is something different about Jesus. The words of Simeon in particular seem to indicate that Jesus’ life is going to have a significant effect upon the world. He also tells us very clearly that what Jesus will do will be for both Jew and Gentile. Even the pagans will be able to receive salvation once Jesus’ mission is accomplished.

Father, you have created all human beings and thus Jesus was sent to save us all and not just a select few. Help me to reflect more fully this universal brotherhood of all people in the way I relate to those around me.