The few years of the ministry of Jesus must have been something to experience – a phenomenom of unprecedented proportions! I do not think I can really grasp what it would have been like. Perhaps if we envisage the huge crowds that gather when the pope arrives in a country and then repeat that again and again we will have some idea of the crowds that followed Jesus. As I said, I cannot really imagine what it would have been like except that it must have been an amazing experience.

I am reminded of a song I heard at a youth formation seminar with the main line exhorting us to ‘be prepared for the ride of a lifetime,’ when we commit ourselves to following Jesus as his disciples. This ought to be the truth!  It is not that being a disciple is going to mean having amazing adventures all the time but they certainly should be a part of the mix of our lives. In 25 years of serious discipleship I have seen miracles that blow my mind, yet there is a feeling at the back of my mind and heart that there is so much more available to us if only we would be more committed to our faith and let go of the controling strings of our lives.

The lives of the saints have always fascinated me – I devour every book I can find on the saints and always feel inspired to do great things after reading them, however, the reality is little changes in my life. Why? I think I lack the deep trust that is necessary to become a saint; I lack that absolute foolhardy depth of commitment to the will of God in my life; I am too much a child of our intellectual age – putting the cerebral before the spiritual and hence reaping the fruit of such a decision. I think my faith is too conservative and I am not willing to totally leave everything in the hands of God and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus speaks the words commanding a miracle and it happens; he tells us that we will do greater things than he does; why then don’t I see more miracles in my life and ministry? The only answer I can come up with is my lack of faith and trust in God. I wonder how it is in your life?

Perhaps we can make a commitment to one another to pray for a deeper faith in each others’ lives and the the will of God will be manifest in our lives every moment of every day? How about it? Let’s give it a go!

Father, I pray for every person who reads this reflection, that you will deepen their faith and work miracles through them every day! I hope you are praying for me.