It is important for us to realize that a call form the Lord is an invitation form the King of Kings to come and follow him. This is no ordinary sort of invitation – it comes for the Son of God and has as its culminating celebration the gift of salvation! I wonder if we will be so ready to ignore or even delay responding to the invitation now? It is important for us to put God’s call upon our lives within the right context or its significance will be easily lost in the midst of the busyness of the world and all its activities.


The consequences described in the parable are extreme and I doubt whether they are meant to be indicative of any sort of punishment by the Master who is giving the invitation, however, they should serve as a warning to us of where our lives will lead if we exclude God from them. Is it not ironic that a large number of people, even perhaps the majority, do not want to have to consider the law of God or his calling when making decisions in their lives – it is as though he is irrelevant to their considerations or simply does not exist, and yet at the first sign of adverse conditions or effects to their actions, his, God’s, is the first name to be blamed or even cursed! God seems to be the favorite ‘whipping boy’ of many.


The challenge for us is to get our focus right by giving priority to God in our scheduling and the rest will slowly take care of itself. If the most important thing we do every day is pray, then why is it the first thing that gets junked when we are running short of time? What does this say as to our commitment to a daily prayer time? Nothing very good, I think.


It is time to make a commitment to the things that really matter in our lives and the first of those is our relationship with God that is maintained through prayer. Let us never lose sight of this priority.


Holy Spirit, help me to be mindful of the need to set aside time every day to spend with God in prayer. Help me to make it time when I can be attentive as possible as I want to give the best to the Lord, and not just the scraps of my life here and there.