There is always the ever-present danger that we become insensitive to the level of sin in our lives. One pointer to the existence of such an attitude in our hearts and minds is if we find ourselves using the reason, ‘well, everyone else is doing it, so I may as well do it as well!’ This is a subtle form of insensitivity to sin and it can only lead to greater and more serious sin in the long term. Sin is an evil thing – it is unjust and it never plays fair! This is why we can never afford to give it any latitude in our lives or we will very quickly find ourselves in a position that is not only untenable morally speaking but outright dangerous to our spiritual lives, not to mention the lives of others.

We see in today’s Gospel Judas preparing for an act of outright betrayal of Jesus. Before we become overly judgemental of Judas, let us first look into our own lives and see what sorts of levels of sin exist in our hearts. We may not be deliberately setting out to betray Jesus but any act of sin is a betrayal of His love and forgiveness which He paid so dearly to offer to us through the cross.

As we journey with Jesus in His Passion let us seek the sensitivity to be aware of the sin our lives so we can act against it and purify our hearts for the upcoming Feast of Easter. Jesus calls us all to holiness and repentance this week. Let us seek out a priest and cleanse our hearts through the Sacrament of Reconciliation so that we will be better able to receive and appreciate the grace of salvation God offers us through the Easter celebrations. The essence of holiness is not found in our ability to achieve salvation on our own terms but in our willingness to surrender all to the grace of God and thus appropriate all that Jesus has won for us through His life death and resurrection which we celebrate at this time.

How attuned am I to the celebration of Easter this year? Is my mind still caught up in the demands of the world around me or have I been faithful in putting time aside to truly reflect upon the Easter mysteries?

Holy Spirit, come and change my heart so that I will be able to go deeper into the celebration of God’s love for me this Easter.