ALL GLORY IS FOR THE LORD        2Kgs 2:1, 6-14

In the world we are encouraged to accept praise and credit for our work and to demand recompense for it. This is how capitalism works. It is the engine that runs modern world economy. The question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not this is the way it should work in the Kingdom of God? St Paul tells us in his letters to the Thessalonians that a workman deserves his keep. This is so, but when it comes to working for the Kingdom of God the motivation of those who toil in the harvest of souls is never to earn salvation but to offer one’s life in thanksgiving to God for the gift of salvation he or she has received!

The prophets of the Old Testament are a living example of what this means. We do not seem them living comfortable and easy lives in the Lord’s service; they are usually persecuted and live very difficult livcs. It is the same with the saints! I am not saying that we have to be persecuted to be seen as doing the work of the Kingdom of God. However, I do believe that we need to be very careful about promoting ourselves in that work.

We could look at Elisha and maybe think that he wants to be a prophet for the power that he will exercise. If this is the case I do not believe the blessing of God will remain with him long. He may become very famous in terms of peoples’ recognition of some of the things that he does but it will be a passing fame that has no substance to it. That the memory of his and Elijah’s deeds has passed down to us to this day tells me that they were truly men after God’s heart and that they did not seek the glory for themselves but truly offered all they did to the Lord for his glory and not their own glory.

This is one of the unfailing tests of a true man or woman of God – do they seek to draw attention to themselves; keep the glory for themselves, or do they see themselves as true servants of the Lord, directing all the glory to him and promoting the Kingdom of God and not their own cause or welfare?

Self-preservation is a very strong instinct within a person. Have I let this instinct control me or am I in control of it? How willing am I to expend my life in the service of the Kingdom of God?

Lord Jesus, help me to realize that it is only in you that I will find ultimate fulfillment. The world can offer me only a passing glory – you can offer me eternal joy and happiness.