Lk 11:47-54


When I was young we used a phrase to in the description of people who were always complaining about how nothing goes right for them. We used to offer to throw a ‘pity party’ for them. This may have been a little mean spirited at times, though at other times it was well-deserved! The thing is, many people who find that things are constantly going wrong in their lives submit to the pattern and do nothing to break out of it! This is the bit that really annoys me.


In today’s Gospel Jesus tells certain groups of people that they are in for bad times unless they change the way they act and live. You see, ultimately much of what happens to us in our lives depends on what we choose in the first place. I am not speaking here of the times when a person sins against you – that is obviously wrong and not to be tolerated or laughed away. However, if we are honest with ourselves when we reflect upon the events of our lives, we will be forced to admit that we have contributed to our own problems in quite significant ways through bad choices. The people Jesus is addressing in the Gospel today are consistent offenders in one way or another – their lives are given over to repeated acts that do not reflect the truth of the Gospel and he tells them that such obstinacy in the face of the truth will have unwelcome consequences.


What does this mean for us? Perhaps the message is relevant to our own situation; perhaps it is just a warning not to allow sinful ways to become habits. At the very least it is a warning as to the addictive nature of sin and how sin tends to worm its way into our lives in such a way that it is difficult to get it out! We need to be aware of these things so that we are not tempted to let down our guard. We should always be seeking the truth and all that is holy and righteous in order to avoid allowing sin to get a hold on our lives.


Have I habitual sins that I need to address in my life? How am I going to do this? Do I need help to overcome these sins?


Lord Jesus, you are the Way, the Truth and the Life, help me to give my life over to following you at all times so that sin will not get a chance to establish itself in my life.