The true commitment of a person’s heart is revealed not so much in his or her words but by the way that he or she lives. What people see that we are committed to in our daily lives is what reveals to them the deepest yearnings of our hearts. An illustration of this truth is presented to us in today’s Gospel. Jesus presents us with a choice. We either build the houses of our spiritual lives upon the rock who is Christ, or we build upon the shifting sands of the values and preoccupations of the world.

It is not very difficult to discern the difference in foundations! When we see a person who is blown this way and that by every new fad and gimmick that the world has to offer we see a person whose life is built on sand. Eventually, whatever type of house they manage to build will collapse and fall as there is no substantial foundation to the building.

On the other hand, when you see a person who knows who they are and who knows where they are going and what they are doing, it is a good sign that they have built their lives on a firm, or at least firmer foundation. When a life is built on faith in Jesus Christ and His will for one’s life, then that is the firmest foundation of all – it is a house, in the words of that great spiritual song, “that will not be moved.” This is not some sort of fundamentalism that denies people the opportunity to use and celebrate the many gifts that God gives to each person. We are merely recognising the fact that God gives all things for a purpose and that that purpose is to give glory to Him! And the greatest glory is given to God by those whose lives are firmly rooted in faith in Him and in submission to His will.

Let us examine our own lives and look to see what foundations we are building our lives upon. If we need to, let us be brave enough to exchange the sandy portions of those foundations for those of faith in Christ – faith that we know will stand the test of time.

Am I always swayed by the latest fads that the world presents to me? Is my life always being blown from left to right by the slightest change in fashions and ideas?

Lord Jesus, let me have the grace to fix my eyes upon you and not look to the left or to the right. Help me to follow directly in the path you have prepared for me so that I will always do your will.