The people who witnessed the healing of the deaf /dumb person in the Gospel were amazed. Unlike the Pharisees and scribes Jesus quotes no authority or teaching. He simply commands the evil sprit to come out and the person is whole again. Jesus comes to heal and deliver the people of God. A people, who once walked in darkness have seen a great light. That light is Jesus who manifests the Rule and Reign of God. The enemy cannot accept the light for fear his darkness is exposed. The evil one scatters under the mighty hand of God, manifest in Jesus miracles and preaching.

Isaiah prophesied that there will come about the Messianic Age (Isa 35/Lk 4). The dumb will speak, and the blind will see. The deaf will hear and the, lame will walk. When this comes the Messiah age is near. As Jesus ministers healing and deliverance, perhaps minds are engaged in wonder and amazement as they understand Jesus as the Anointed One sent by God.
The experts of the Law, mainly Pharisees and scribes cannot accept this and conclude that it is by the prince of demons that they are cast out – that does not make sense. How can demons cast out demons? How can an army cast out its own when they are in battle?
The Pharisees themselves become blind and deaf to the good news while the poor and humble are entering into the Kingdom of God

The heart of Jesus is compassionate, resonant with the God of compassion. He feels moved within himself to see that people are fed and nourished with good things. They seem troubled and abandoned.  The work is plentiful, his time on earth limited. He looks to his disciples whom he trusts will be graced with compassion to prolong the mission of Christ. They will be shepherds after his own heart. They will serve the people with his own love and grace. Some will be called to be his followers, giving themselves completely and wholly to this cause. Others by way of their resources and abilities will bring compassion in to the lives of many.

We are all called to be compassionate in our actions and lives. As Christian others will know us by our way of love. Pastoral concern is inspired and nourished in charity. Social action is motivated by the concern for well being of the other. It is true that the harvest is rich and abundant. Who will respond to the needs of so many? We all have a part to play in advancing the Kingdom of God. This is the privileged duty and responsibility of our baptism calling – where love is, the Kingdom of God reigns. Let us start today in our families, places of employment, areas of relationship to be moved with compassion -to show to others the consolation and encouragement of our God

God of compassion, you comfort us with your help and protection.  Give us grace to be compassionate to those who are abandoned and troubled. Give us hearts that are willing to serve you and allow your Kingdom to come in our midst. Amen