Today’s Gospel offers us a meditation upon the inner workings of the mind and heart of Jesus in relation to His obedience to his Father’s will. What we are dealing with here is not some sort of attempt by Jesus to justify what He does, but goes a lot deeper that that! It is as though Jesus is reflecting out loud upon some of His inner thoughts. John the Evangelist, a man who knew Jesus well, reports them to us as though he was a confidante to these thoughts. He reveals to us something of the mind and heart of Jesus in order that we will better understand the things that motivate Him.


Jesus is not just a man; He is the Son of God. As such He can seem to be a little distant from us at times. I believe that John hopes to bridge that distance a little by revealing to us something of the inner workings of Jesus’ mind and heart in order to show us some of the similarities in the way we think, reason and are subsequently motivated.


Jesus is quite clearly a man on a mission and that mission is of His Father’s making. The intensity of Jesus’ reflection upon His mission indicates to me that He is aware that it is going to consume His life in the end. Whether or not Jesus knows how this will happen is unclear, but it is clear to me that He has at least an inkling that His mission is a life or death affair. Nevertheless, He is single-minded in the application of His life to His mission. Nothing is going to deflect His purpose or draw Him away from this goal, least of all the petty concerns of whether a miracle performed on the Sabbath breaks the Law or not.


This purpose of action and clarity of mind is something for each of us to seek to emulate. It would serve us well to gain clarity regarding our mission in life, both earthly and heavenly, as there is little less unsettling and un fulfilling than wandering aimlessly through life with little or no true purpose. Jesus stands before us as an example of a well-motivated person who is committed to a particular course of action. Can we say the same about ourselves? Let us seek to gain greater knowledge and clarity about what it is that God wants us to do for Him. Let us commit ourselves to goals that are going to move us forward in our lives towards the Kingdom of God?


Do I know what my goals in life are, both spiritual and career-wise? If the answer is “No,” what am I doing to rectify this situation?


Holy Spirit, I need your help to gain greater clarity and vision for my life. Help me to surrender all to the will of God so that I will be able to clearly discern His good and holy will for my life.