Mary’s song of praise and thanksgiving to God is closely modelled upon the prayer of Hannah giving thanks for the gift of her son to be, Samuel. By placing these words on the lips of Mary, Luke is positioning Mary within a long tradition of God’s miraculous intervention in the lives of women to allow them to give birth to men who will play a big part in Israel’s history. Thus, any Jew who read this song of praise would immediately be aware that the child to be born has a significant part in God’s plan for His people.

Nothing could be truer than this previous statement. The son to be born to Mary, the Son of God, was sent by the Father to bring salvation to the world. The significance of His birth is seen in that the generally accepted means by which we measure times is zeroed to the birth of Jesus Christ.

As Christians we have no doubt as to the significance of the role of Jesus in the history of the human race. As such we have an enormous responsibility to bring this Good News to all men and women in order that all people will be given the opportunity to respond to God’s offer of salvation from our sins and eternal life. As individuals, maybe we are not able to touch the lives of a huge number of people. However, together we should be able to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth!

That God has entrusted us with this task tells us of the tremendous confidence that He has in us. Despite our sin and the propensity to do what we want to rather than what God wants us to do, God has commissioned us through our baptism to be the heralds of the Good News to all of the earth. Let us pray that we will grasp every opportunity that we are given to be faithful to this call.

How eager am I to embrace the will of God for my life? How open am I to being led by the Holy Spirit? Am I willing to be a herald of the Good News of salvation?

Lord, help me to embrace the call you have on my life. Help me to be generous in the way that I respond to the love that you have given to me. Help me to use all the gifts and talents that you have given me for the proclamation of the Kingdom of God to the world.