Ti 1: 1-9 Paul has appointed Titus to look after the nascent Christian community in Crete. It is important for us to understand that from the beginning of the Church there has been the need for institution. It is not just about letting the Spirit lead us in his ways. We have a fundamental need for order and structure in our lives as both individuals and as a community. Let us pray that we allow both charism and institution to work together in our ministries.

 Lord, lead and guide the ministers of your Church so that your people will be well led in your ways of truth and love.

 Lk 17:1-6 It is one thing for us to sin – it is a totally different and far worse reality to lead someone into sin! Jesus reserves some of his harshest words for those who lead others into sin so we can be sure that it is something we ought to avoid if at all possible. Let us seek to be the best example we can as disciples of Jesus so that others will be inspired unto holiness and not sin when we meet them.

 Holy Spirit, help me to be a good example to others so that the ministry of the Gospel will continue apace and without hindrance from my sins.