Acts 11: 1-18 The nature of the Gospel demanded changes in the mindset of the Jews. Previously the Jewish faith was ‘exclusivist’, that is, God was only concerned with them. The Gospel of Jesus changes this as it is revealed that the gift of salvation is open to all who have faith in Jesus. This change in mindset is difficult for the Jews to accept and the Church struggles with it for the best part of a few decades.

Lord Jesus, help me to realise that your love is without bounds and that you want to save all people, even my enemies! Help me to learn to love those who do not love me as well as those who do.

Jn 10: 11-18 Jesus affirms that he loves both the sheep of his fold (the Jews) and the sheep of other folds (the Gentiles). Let us pray for the grace to realise that God may not be sending us to share the gospel with a limited portion of humanity but that he wants us to evangelize everyone with the Good News. This is the beauty of having a God whose love is infinite – we do nit have to worry about whether or not we are called because we know that he calls all people unto himself.

Holy Spirit, help me to open my heart to the grace of the Gospel and so to embrace its universal call by being open to sharing the Gospel with everyone I meet.