Is 29: 17-24 It can be difficult to remain faithful to the Gospel when many around us are not. People may scoff at us and mock us but this should not dissuade us from following the right path. The truth of the matter is that we will be vindicated in the end! On Judgment Day we will receive our eternal reward and those who persisted in wrong will finally be brought to understand the error of their ways.

Jesus, help me to remain faithful in the little things of my faith so that when the bigger choices arrive I will have a firm foundation upon which to make them.

Mt 9: 27-31 So often in the healing miracles Jesus tells those healed that it was their, and sometimes another person’s faith that saved them. What does this teach us? It teaches us that faith is primary in our lives; it comes before all other aspects of our lives. Healing from sickness may or may not be important, however, faith is necessary for salvation whether or not we are physically healed. Let us seek to grow in our faith every day.

Holy Spirit, teach me how to make the decisions that are necessary to help me grow daily in my faith. Never let me tire of seeking to grow in my faith.