We have probably all heard the old adage that the only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for the good man to remain silent. All I can say is thanks be to God that there were at least a few good men around at the resurrection of Jesus who did not remain silent even though it cost most of them their lives to martyrdom when they spoke out the truth! Where is the good man today speaking out against the corruption and greed in the financial world? (I write this as the stockmarkets plunge in October 2008 due to the ridiculous levels of debt built up by the so-called ‘Wall Street wizz-kids!’) Where is the good man who will speak out against the horror of abortion, the untold justices wrought upon the poor and powerless by the rich and powerful?

It is not just a matter of making sure we avoid evil as individuals; we also have a responsibility to speak out against institutional injustice that affects others, particularly those with no voice or means of protecting themselves. It seems quite evident to me, that just as it was in the time of Jesus, the political systems and the people who run them are more concerned with maintaining the status quo than speaking the truth! They are more concerned with ‘feathering their own nest’ than working for the rights of the poor and against the injustices of the system.

It is an awesome responsibility to receive the Good News as it means we must share it with others. This necessarily means making a stand for the truth and refusing to bow to the lies and injustices of the powerful. Somewhere along the line we have to decide, just as the apostles of Jesus had to decide, that cowering in the upper room out of fear of the authorities is not an acceptable option, and we have to take our message to the streets in order to inform the world of the truth of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead!

Do I tend to be a person more concerned with maintaining the status quo particularly when this is advantageous to me or do I seek out the truth no matter what the consequences of such a search may be?

Holy Spirit, guide me into the way of truth so that the life I lead will be one that speaks to the Gospel of salvation and not the greed and materialism of the world.